New Testament

At the heart of New Testament studies in Basel is the goal of interpreting the 27 books of the New Testament true to their text. They are thus analyzed from different historical perspectives, focusing on religious, cultural and literary aspects.
Additionally, the reception history of these texts, in the context of both the Church and society more broadly, is an equally important part of New Testament studies. Within the field of theology, the reception of the New Testament offers a unique perspective on modern Christianity's self-perception.



Research emphases:

- Gospel of Mark
- Gospel of Luke
- Gospel of John
- Romans
- Hebrews
- Theology of Paul
- New Testament ecclesiology
- Apocalypticism
- Social history of early Christianity
- Culture of meals in Antiquity
- Childhood in Antiquity
- The role of ethnicity and religion for the development of a collective Christian identity
- Feminist exegesis
- Jewish-Christian dialogue
- Research on antisemitism
- Exegesis of the Passion narratives after the Shoah
- Gender-conscious readings of New Testament texts
- Postcolonial Theory
- Overbeck Edition



Prof. Dr. Moisés Mayordomo

Titular Professors
Prof. Dr. theol. Lukas J. Kundert
Prof. Dr. theol. Luzia Sutter Rehmann

PD Dr. theol. Gabriella Gelardini
PD Dr. phil. Tania Oldenhage
PD Dr. theol. Christina Tuor-Kurth

Assistant/ PostDoc
Dr. theol. Esther Kobel

Christine Oefele
Jörg Röder

University Lecturer
Lic. phil. Rolf Coray

Tutorial Assistant
Luca Roth

Prof. Dr. theol. Rudolf Brändle
Prof. Dr. theol. Ekkehard W. Stegemann

Heuberg 33
4051 Basel