Doctorate Studies

Are you interested in Doctorate studies at the Theological Faculty of Basel? In Basel there are two possibilities to attain a Doctorate degree in theology.

In both cases the doctoral education includes a dissertation, as well as a curricular element and a doctoral examination. The curricular element requires in case of an individual doctorate at least 12 CP and in the case of structured doctoral program 18 CP. This is stated in the recent doctoral regulation of the Theological Faculty.
In addition to the previously offered individual doctorate a structured doctoral program has been introduced in cooperation with the Universities Bern and Zurich in 2012.

The Theological Faculty awards, according to study requirements, either a Dr. theol. or a Dr. phil. If a prior degree fulfills the study requirements only in part, an admission to a doctoral program can be granted under the condition that the student will fulfill further academic achievements during the course of their studies.


Doctoral Students at the University of Basel

The Graduate Center at the University of Basel offers plenty of information on the doctoral studies.

Workshop Day "Affective Turn in Theology?!"

Join the workshop day "Affective Turn in Theology?!" in Basel on May 25, 2023.

Those interested are invited to the online lecture byProf. Donovan Schaefer (Department of Religious Studies, University of Pennsylvania) on"Longing to Believe: Feeling, Thinking, and Secularization".

Start: 5:30 p.m.

The lecture will be in English.

For more information and registration, see attached flyer. The workshop day is organized by doctoral students from various disciplines under the umbrella of the Graduate School.