Studying at another University in Switzerland or abroad?

Thanks to bilateral University agreements and exchange programs not a lot of administrational effort is required, in order to attend a different University. On the contrary: Studying abroad is more than fruitful and broadens one's personal and academic horizon.

The Mobility office of the University offers information on a variety of exchange programs; Information on studies at faculties of theology abroad can be provided by <link de personen moises-mayordomo external-link-new-window internen link im aktuellen>Prof. Dr. Moisés Mayordomo.

One of the most efficient ways to gather information on academic exchange programs is to contact fellow students who have already experienced a stay abroad. Students affiliated with the faculty of Basel have recently studied at a variety of destinations. Apart from well-known German universities, those include Edinburgh, Lund (Sweden), São Paulo (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Bangalore (India), Pietermaritzburg and Stellenbosch (South Africa).