Graduate School of Theology

Doctoral Studies at the Graduate School of Theology

Since 2022, the "Basel Graduate School of Theology" exists at the Faculty of Theology.

"The Graduate School includes doctoral training in the various subjects of Theology, Religious Studies as well as Jewish Studies at the University of Basel. It offers a training program oriented towards current research in accordance with the doctoral regulations of the Faculty of Theology of the University of Basel, which are currently under revision. The "Basel Graduate School of Theologies and Religions" forms an umbrella under which all doctoral students of the faculty, individual doctorates as well as doctoral students of the doctoral program, are united." (Excerpt from the proposal)

Its purpose is to support and encourage doctoral students during their doctoral training. This includes

  • internal faculty offers and assistance (interdisciplinary networking, joint doctoral colloquia, networking of doctoral students, support by experienced researchers)
  • the possibility of continuing education in the university's continuing education program
  • the promotion of participation in various events and programs (graduate schools, conferences, workshops), especially in cooperation with the theological faculties of the Universities of Bern and Zurich
  • international and interdisciplinary networking opportunities

The doctoral students have access to a wide range of offers which support them

  • encourage and support them in their individual research and academic careers
  • contribute to the group of all doctoral students of the faculty and thus promote the exchange between young researchers
  • contribute to the scientific research landscape via Basel.

Admission to the Graduate School is granted upon immatriculation as doctoral student at the Faculty of Theology.

For questions about the Graduate School and the various support options and offers, please contact the coordination of the doctoral program.


Cooperation in the structured doctoral program

Since 2012, the theological faculties in Basel, Bern and Zurich have been cooperating in doctoral education. Doctoral students of the three faculties can participate in courses of the other faculties to acquire the required ECTS. Further information and the courses offered can be found here.

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Transferable Skills

GRACE's course offerings for doctoral students: Transferable Skills

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Dean of Research
Prof. Dr. Andrea Bieler

Administrative Management Research Dean's Office
Franziska Müller-Boss

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