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Stephen Germany to begin professorship in Lausanne

Stephan Germany

Beginning in fall 2024, Stephen Germany will begin a new position as Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible in its Historical and Cultural Contexts at the University of Lausanne.

Stephen Germany has worked at the Faculty of Theology in Basel since 2018, first as an instructor in the department of Hebrew Bible and Semitic Philology and since 2019 as a postdoc in the SNF research project “Transforming Memories of Collective Violence in the Hebrew Bible” (https://theologie.unibas.ch/de/altes-testament-und-semitische-sprachwissenschaft/tmcv/). In addition to his research, Stephen Germany has been actively involved in teaching at the Faculty of Theology and was awarded one of the University of Basel's Teaching Excellence Awards in 2021. Last year, he completed his Habilitationsschrift, Kingmakers and Kingbreakers: Philistines, Arameans, and Historical Patterning in Samuel–Kings, which is planned for publication in late 2024.

We congratulate Stephen Germany, thank him for his service to the Faculty of Theology over the last six years, and wish him all the best in his new role in Lausanne!

Stephen Germany's internal webpage: https://theologie.unibas.ch/de/personen/stephen-germany/