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Dies Academicus 2020 Faculty Award

[Translate to English:] Stephen Kapinde

[Translate to English:] Stephen Kapinde (Foto: Veit Arlt, 2019)

The Faculty Award in Theology goes to Dr. Stephen Achola Asol Kapinde

The Faculty of Theology of the University of Basel honors Dr. Stephen Achola Asol Kapinde for his dissertation in the field of Intercultural Theology / Global Christianity. In his dissertation, Kapinde describes the development of the relationship of the Anglican Church to the state, using postcolonial Kenya as a case study. On the one hand, his dissertation highlights the important role of the Anglican Church in the process of democratization as well as its role as an agent of reconciliation and an advocate for the rights of the most vulnerable members of society. On the other hand, Kapinde describes the Church's involvement in corruption and ethnic conflicts as well as its lack of solidarity with regard to certain human rights issues.

Congratulations Dr. Kapinde!


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