14 Mar 2024

Universität Basel, Theologische Fakultät Nadelberg 10, grosser Seminarraum

Studentenverbindung Schwizerhüsli

Public event

Invitation to a public lecture by Isabel Altmann

Isabel Altmann, recipient of a prize for rising academics awarded by the student association "Schwizerhüsli", will present and discuss her award-winning master's thesis in a public lecture.

On November 24, 2023, the University of Basel conferred for the thirteenth time the prize for an outstanding master's thesis awarded by the student association "Schwizerhüsli", supported by the Ferdinand Neeracher-Pfrunder Foundation, at the annual Dies Academicus.

The recipient of the prize, Isabel Altmann, will present and discuss her work, “Strafe, Sühne und Vergebung. Strafe aus rechtsphilosophischer und christlich theologischer Sicht," in a public lecture.

Altmann's thesis was written in the field of legal ethics and deals with the problems of punishment, atonement, and forgiveness. She addresses the question of whether atonement through punishment is even possible and, if so, what role forgiveness plays in this process. In dealing with this question, she applies methods from the fields of legal philosophy and theology with empathy, depth, clarity, and scholarly acumen.

The lecture will take place on Thursday, March 14, 2024 at 18:15 in the "Grosser Seminarraum" of the Faculty of Theology (Nadelberg 10).

Following the presentation, the student association "Schwizerhüsli" will host an apéro riche.

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