Systematic Theology / Dogmatics

Dogmatics is concerned with the significance of the Christian tradition in the present day: How can we understand the content of the Christian faith in our pluralistic culture? This question cannot be answered by the mere transmission of a solid set of doctrines. On the contrary, what is required and encouraged is autonomous reflection and critical thinking.

Students will acquire knowledge of the traditional patterns of thought and the current discourses around the topics of theology and religious philosophy. These contents will be analyzed according to their roots and contexts, placed in relation to each another, and located on the map of theological thought. Of course, theological positions have to be further examined according to their significance, efficiency and consequences within a social setting. This will provide guidance for the development of individual thought, which has to be justified and defended in critical discussions.

Research emphases:

Reinhold Bernhardt
- Dialogue, theology and hermeneutics of religion
- Doctrine of predestination and divine agency
- The relationship between theology and the natural sciences

Matthias Gockel
- Doctrine of God (Habilitation project on the doctrine of divine attributes)
- The theology of Karl Barth and its reception in Europe and the United States
- Barth and Schleiermacher
- Ethics of Peace


Prof. Dr. Reinhold Bernhardt

Titular Professor 
Prof. Dr. Christina Aus der Au

PD Dr. Regine Munz

Assistants / Postdocs
Dr. Matthias Gockel
Dr. Beate Bengard

Research Associate
Katharina Merian

Tutorial Assistant
Irina van Bürck

Prof. Dr. Uwe Gerber


Heuberg 33
4051 Basel