Systematic Theology / Ethics

Theological Ethics in Basel is pursued in the context of a systematic-theological theory of current Christianity, assuming that present-day Christianity has been differentiated within a broad range of communal and individual forms of living, which require diverse ethical approaches within a rapidly changing modern society. This interpretive perspective further assumes that Christian impulses and modes of interpretation and social organization have been introduced throughout history into the fabric of our culture (e.g. constitutional law, education system etc.). Ultimately this suggests that modern societies in their conflictual and antagonistic character require a high degree of ethical reflection and leadership, which "secular" resources alone cannot provide. Theological ethics pursued in this way is highly conscious of its contexts and oriented towards cooperation; it thus collaborates often with other theological and non-theological disciplines (especially philosophy, the study of religion, the humanities more broadly, and law). In the profile of the department this general perspective is demonstrated as follows:

A strong emphasis lies on the basic theoretical theology of contemporary Christianity from a Reformed Protestant perspective. A particular focus lies on the theology of Karl Barth. In the area of material ethics, the research focuses on biological, economic, and political ethics. An ideal platform for cross-linked theological ethics is provided by the Center for Religion, Economics and Politics (ZRWP). The connection to other theological disciplines is enhanced by co-led courses and joint research projects. The chair for theological ethics is concerned with assisting the Swiss Reformed churches in their endeavors to communicate with and adapt to modern society with ethical reflection.


Research emphasis:

- Conditions for modern theological ethics 
- Theology of culture and religion
- History of Protestant theology in the 19th and 20th centuries
- Basic questions in biological and medical ethics
- Economic ethics
- Political theology
- Management of the Collegium Helveticum-Basel/Center for Religion, Economics and Politics

Current research projects:

- Edition of the literary legacy of Karl Barth (in cooperation with the Karl Barth archive)
- Diverse dissertation projects


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Prof. Dr. Georg Pfleiderer

Private Lecturers
PD Dr. Alexander Heit
PD Dr. Regine Munz

Assistant / PostDoc
Dr. Anne Louise Nielsen

Research Assistants
Noel Schneider
Ruben Cardonau
Isabel Altmann

Prof. Dr. Uwe Gerber
Prof. Dr. Christoph St├╝ckelberger


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