Practical Theology

Practical theology provides the rules that govern the practice of religious life. These rules (...) are critically reconstructed through the act of reflecting on religious practice. Theory does not take precedence over practice as a rule-making authority, nor does it simply stand (uncritically) alongside practice. Practical theology must therefore be oriented toward both practice and theory to the same degree.

Henning Luther

Practical Theology reflects and interprets the religious praxis of people, as well as the praxis of Christian churches, within a social horizon. It is concerned both with the individual and with the social forms and consequences of religion. It develops theories of ecclesial activity on different levels, such as pastoral care and theology, homiletics, and pedagogy.

Practical theology is by its nature interdisciplinary and draws on approaches used in fields as diverse as cultural studies, aesthetics, psychology, pedagogy, sociology, and media studies.

The courses offered by Practical Theology in Basel correspond to four modules: Theory of lived religion (PT 1), religious pedagogy (PT 2), religious psychology (PT 3), and homiletics and liturgy (PT 4).

Practical Theology in Basel

We are interested in the intersections between practical theology and intercultural theology. Internationally relevant questions lie at the center of our work, such as migration, and the "mediafication" of religion, among others. At the chair of Practical Theology there is an international network that conducts research in various projects on topics of "Religion and Migration". Our empirical sociological approach is enhanced by a strong connection with systematic theology and other theological disciplines.

Since September 2020, the research project Conviviality in Motion. Exploring Theologies and Practices of Multiethnic Christian Communities in Europe



Prof. Dr. Andrea Bieler

Titular Professor
Prof. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Gehring

Esther Maria Meyer

Research Associates
Dr. Claudia Hoffmann
Luca Ghiretti
Lisa Ketges
Tabea Eugster-Schaetzle

Teaching Associates
Dr. theol., lic. phil. Matthias Mittelbach
Dipl. theol. Lars Wolf

Tutorial Assistants
Leila Thöni

Prof. Dr. Albrecht Grözinger

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