Hebrew Bible and Semitic Philology

The department of Hebrew Bible and Semitic Philology focuses on the linguistic analysis, literary classification, and theological significance of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament as well as the history and culture of ancient Israel down to the Hellenistic period. [About the image]



Prof. Dr. Sonja Ammann, Assistant professor of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament

Titular professor
Prof. Dr. phil. Hanna Jenni, Titular professor of Egyptology and Semitic Linguistics

Assistant / PostDoc
Dr. theol. Nesina Grütter 

Research Associates
Dr. Stephen Germany
Dr. Oskar Kaelin
Dr. Jenna Kemp

Research Assistants
Anita Dirnberger
Joris Krapf


Prof. em. Dr. theol. Dr. h.c. Ernst Jenni, Professor of Hebrew Bible and Semitic Linguistics, 1958-1997. 
Prof. em. Dr. theol. Hans-Peter Mathys, Professor of Hebrew Bible and Semitic Linguistics, 1997-2017.

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