Living in Basel

Basel – City of Culture
Basel hosted Church councils, important and famous theologians, reformers as well as humanists, and was the cradle of the pietist movement. The city is a treasure trove for the historically interested. Today Basel is a great place to study, work and live. Its rich cultural offer includes architecture, music, museums, theatre and cinemas and its close proximity to the French Alsace region and the German region of Südbaden creates a worldly and international atmosphere.
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Studying in Basel


Studying at the Theological Faculty of Basel means to study at a remarkable school and renowned university, in a fascinating city and a multicultural context. Whoever studies here has an incomparable setting and ideal opportunities at their disposal.
Given its geographical and historical background, Basel is cosmopolitan and liberal-minded. It's a place where tradition meets innovation in all areas, such as architecture, art and science. Its high standards of living, mild climate and vibrant economy has attracted creative and independent minds for centuries.

For Basel's students a variety of residential homes is available. Two offers appeal to students of theology specifically: The Alumneum and the Evangelic "Studienhaus". Further offers can be found on The online marketplace lists apartments and rooms that are available for rent.

Church Life
The evangelical-reformed and the Roman-catholic university parishes regularly organize services, lectures, communal events and offer counseling, and spiritual care.