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Empfehlungen für Sprachkurse HS24/25

Sprachenzentrum der Universität Basel: Sprachkursempfehlungen Theologie

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SRF Podcast with Prof. Reinhold Bernhardt

Topic of the Podcast: "Is Christianity reaching its sunset years?"

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Interview with Prof. Andreas Heuser on the global Pentecostal movement in the current issue of "reformiert.info"

Click here to read the report and to learn more about the Certificate of Advanced Studies in Interculutral Theology and Migration beginning in 2025.

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Recently published: Theologische Zeitschrift vol. 79, issue 1 (2024)

ThZ 80:1 (2024) – Contents Christian Blumenthal / Jonas Maria Hoff Verfügbare Unverfügbarkeit? Der Losentscheid in Apg 1,15-26  Adam Drozdek Montane theology of Élie Bertrand Christine Wenona Hoffmann Christus gepredigt. Empirische…

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Course in Pastoral Care for Theology Students: Spring Semester 2025

Register by September 30, 2024

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Prof. Jens Köhrsen in the current issue of "Bref"

What can churches do in response to climate change?
Stephan Germany

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Stephen Germany to begin professorship in Lausanne

Beginning in fall 2024, Stephen Germany will begin a new position as Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible in its Historical and Cultural Contexts at the University of Lausanne.

Conversation with Prof. Alfred Bodenheimer on SRF

Jewish voices in higher education – Swiss universities and their responses to antisemitism

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Recently published: Theologische Zeitschrift, vol. 79, issue 4 (2023)

This issue includes contributions from researchers at the Faculty of Theology in Basel and offers a view into their current work.

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Brief report by Dr. Christoph Heilig

In the current report of the University of Basel's Office of Career Advancement, Dr. Christoph Heilig provides a glimpse into his work in the Faculty of Theology.