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Sunday evening worship services in the Niklauskapelle (cloisters of the Basel Cathedral)

From April 9 to June 25, there will be a Sunday evening worship service in the Niklauskapelle (cloisters of the Basel Cathedral) involving different members of the Faculty of Theology.

The worship services will take place at 7:30 p.m. and will be led by the following individuals:

April 9: Prof. Dr. Lukas Kundert

April 16 : Pastor Dr. Franz Christ

April 23: Prof. em Dr. Hans-Peter Mathys

April 30: Vicar Dr. Sara Stöckli

May 7: Pastor Dr. Daniel Frei

May 14: Prof. Dr. Lukas Kundert

May 21: Pastor Frieder Vollprecht

May 28: Pastor Dr. Hieronymus Christ

June 4: Prof. Dr. Georg Pfleiderer

June 11: Pastor Dr. Luzius Müller

June 18: Pastor Dr. Daniel Frei

June 25: Pastor. Dr. Caroline Schröder Field