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Katharina Merian talks about her dissertation

... in the new podcast and article from "Perspektiven" by SRF Kultur. There, Merian discusses her work on the Brazilian human rights activist Marielle Franco.

Katharina Merian (currently a postdoc in the Faculty of Theology) spoke with Dorothee Adrian (SRF) about her Ph.D. dissertation on memories of Marielle Franco. Franco was a black lesbian woman from the favela, a human rights activist, and a city council member of Rio de Janeiro whose murder on March 14, 2018 led to massive protests worldwide. The discussion focuses on the associations made between Franco and Jesus Christ and the significance of her memory for black women.

Listen here: https://www.srf.ch/audio/perspektiven/marielle-franco-eine-maertyrerin-der-heutigen-zeit?id=12357580

Read here: https://www.srf.ch/kultur/gesellschaft-religion/marielle-franco-in-brasilien-vergleicht-man-sie-mit-jesus-christus