The Karl Barth Center for reformed theology is the place to go for everyone interested in Barth's theology and the reformed tradition. Together we aim at critically and constructively analyzing Karl Barth's theology and the reformed theological tradition and care for a contemporary approach to protestant theology. The underlying statements of faith that shape the reformed tradition are one of our focal points, whether we analyze them in the context of Barth's works or introduce them in the current ecclesial and social discourse.

An exchange of studies or an enrollment at the Theological Faculty Basel offers the perfect opportunity to do so. Contact us for any questions on the Center's activities and events, the course of studies at the Theological Faculty or life in Basel. We are excited to welcome you into our theological community of learning!


The 'Alumneum' and the 'Evangelische Studienhaus' offer theologically oriented community and student accomodations:

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The Karl Barth Center for reformed theology holds several courses within the annual course program of the University of Basel. This includes periodic theological courses, conferences, public lectures and events, as well as the organization and participation at the annual Karl Barth Conference on the Leuenberg (BL).

Information on current, future and past activities: here.

The Karl Barth Center for reformed Theology supports a variety of research projects and endeavors in the following areas:

1) Reception history of Karl Barth's theology

2) Edition of the Karl Barth Complete Edition

3) Research on the recently published volumes of the Complete Edition

4) Current reformed theology in critical and constructive conversation with the theology of Karl Barth and the reformed tradition.

We will gladly support you in the planning and execution of your research project. Periodically we hold a doctoral Colloquium in the area of Basel, which supports exchange between academics. Please contact us.