Historical Narratives and Memorialization of Collective Violence in Antiquity


In light of worldwide developments relating to Covid-19, the conference "Historical Narratives and Memoralization of Collective Violence in Antiquity," originally planned to be held in Basel on September 2–4, was restructured into a weekly webinar.

The papers presented in the webinar, alongside several additional invited papers, will be published in a volume entitled Collective Violence and Memory in the Ancient Mediterranean in the series "Culture and History of the Ancient Near East" (Brill).

Flyer (PDF)


9/24 Stephen Germany (Basel): Memorializing Saul’s Wars in Samuel and Chronicles 

10/1 Izak Cornelius (Stellenbosch): “Memories of Violence” in the Material Imagery of Karkemish, Zincirli and Tell Halaf

10/8 Nathan Arrington (Princeton): Material Responses to Collective Violence in Classical Athens 

10/15 Maria Brosius (Toronto): Violence Exacted and Violence Suffered: From the Persian King’s Perspective to that of the Enemies of the Empire

10/29 Helge Bezold (Basel): Fighting Annihilation – The Justification of Collective Violence in the Book of Esther and Beyond

11/5 Julia Rhyder (Basel): Hellenizing Hanukkah: War Commemoration in 1 and 2 Maccabees

11/12 Simon Lentzsch (Bochum): The Darkest Hour (?): Military Defeats during the Second Punic War in Roman Memory Culture

11/19 Jessica Clark (Florida State University): Rebellious Narratives, Repeat Engagements, and Roman Historiography

12/3 Antonio Loprieno (Basel): Israel’s Violence in Egypt’s Memory

12/10 Damien Agut-Labordère (CNRS/Paris): Real Fights or Comic Mockery? The Nature of Violence in the Battles of the Inaros Cycle