Past events

Inaugural event: "Transforming Memories of Collective Violence in the Hebrew Bible," March 29, 2019

In the first event organized by the research project, the team members shared the current state of their sub-projects with the project's external advisors. The project was presented to the public on the evening of March 29. Prof. Sonja Ammann presented the aims and structure of the project and introduced its team members and research assistants. Following this, Prof. Sylvie Honigman (Tel Aviv University) provided a glimpse into her current research in her project-related lecture "Diverging Memories and Memorializing: Jewish, Greek, and Egyptian Perspectives on Inter-Ethnic Violence in Greco-Roman Egypt."

Workshop with and lecture by Prof. Katell Berthelot (Aix-en-Provence), October 2, 2019

Prof. Katell Berthelot, an expert in Jewish history and literature from the Hellenistic and Roman periods, was invited to Basel to discuss her work with the members of the research project. In an afternoon workshop, the project team members discussed the interim results of their individual research projects with Prof. Berthelot. In the evening, Prof. Berthelot presented her own research in a public lecture titled "Reconquérir la Terre Promise ? La place des modèles bibliques dans les guerres des Hasmonéens au IIe siècle av. n. è." Through her lecture, the ca. 30 members of the audience gained new insights into the current state of research on the interpretation of the Maccabean wars.

Webinar 2020: "Historical Narratives and Memorialization of Collective Violence in Antiquity"

In light of worldwide developments relating to COVID-19, the conference "Historical Narratives and Memoralization of Collective Violence in Antiquity," originally planned to be held in Basel on September 2–4, has been restructured into a weekly webinar.